How to Improve Your Networking Leverage in Business?

network marketing

Networking is a very important phase in any business. This strategy can help you increase business exposure and meet new people—who can be potential customers or partners. Due to the rising technology, networking is becoming easier for many aspiring entrepreneurs. You can conduct business transactions and inquiries through Skype, Whatsapp, Kik, and many more communication apps. If you need help in starting a business, you can also visit the best business loan provider in Singapore today. Despite the level of technology affecting the levels of networking, there are still some techniques and guidelines that you can follow.

Be Humorous to a Certain Extent

Humor has always been a part of forging business connections. It can be used as a relief method from a day of complex business negotiation. Also, if you inject humor in the way you speak, people will think that you are fun to be with. It’s very likely that people will agree to have more meetings with you—a clear advantage for your business. You need to set a limit, though. Understand that people should still see you as a modern tactician with a funny side, and not a clown.

Entice and Withdraw

This may be an old technique, but it can still work wonders for your networking process. To entice is to keep people interested, then you withdraw the offer strategically. If you’re new to this technique, then it will take a couple of tries before you can perfect it. This networking technique is all about the psychology of the reward—what’s in it for your customers? What’s in it for the people that you’re dealing with? Develop a flexible spiel and keep practicing.

Negotiate Effectively

Networking is also about negotiation, especially if you want to achieve a certain goal. Mastering the art of negotiation may take time, and you need to be exposed to lots of people. The basic notion that you have to remember is that you should always know about your stand. Be firm in your decisions so you can be respected. Aside from that, you should also respect the other side.

By improving your networking leverage, you can increase the growth of your business twofold—or perhaps even more. Understand your business well and always refine your networking skills.

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